Recruiting Session On Friday


Hey, Its Anirko. We will be having a recruiting session on Friday. Here are details:  Mukluk,  Town

3:00 pst

4:00 MST

5:00 CST

Comment if you can make it.

All corperals or lower that come will get a promo. Anyone higher will receive medals.


I am retiring

 I know it has not been long but I am truly retiring, but, this army is going to live. My goal was to get this army going, not to lead it always. I appoint Anirko11 to lead this army.

  I have been in the ACP,GACP, and a lot of other armies. This army I am truly grateful for. We might not be the biggest army out there but we do have a lot of spirit and that is how a good army should be. Dont get me wrong I love this army but too much work has piled up on my desk(Homework). My comp is broken(this is another comp I am typing this on). I am a little old for club penguin… If you are a preteen and playing this you should know what I mean. I know when it is my time to go and I know today is the day.

These are the people I will be thanking:

   Anirko11: You were probably the one that recruited the people who were to recruite more people. You were also the first to join and support me.

   Batin: Yes you are from the ACP but you were a very kind friend who gave me good advice.

   Bluey: Again from ACP but,you were my first friend in the ACP, then, you stopped talking to me….. idk why but once you became ambassador you just stopped….

   Boomer 20: Whithout whom we would not have the ACP, or atleast the ACP undercontrol.

   Purple/Maple/ottoj: You were the people that came after Anirko11 and you people stayed active through the time.

   The rest of the GACP: Thank you for helping me build up this soon to be great army, all of you will prosper in and out of the GACP. Good luck to all of you.

     Anirko your new second in command you can choose to be Kayylah or someone else. (If it were someone else please choose between Maple or Purple if you want) I will make you admin on all of the pages Anirko and you can already make posts.

 Thank you all for your support throughout this! Please enjoy this song by eminem.

GACP band

Hey guys, if you have an instrument and you love to play in club penguin then you should come and join the GACP band! The GACP band play when there is a victory or at parties! It is just another way to have fun in the GACP! The GACP band is coming soon in your way!


Well I see in many people that they dont know that this is more than an army, it is a community, here, if you double cross us then you go to jail. Do you know any plain armies that have jails? But that does not make us a community. That is just a part of the community, if you see a soldier in this community that is down and sad you just dont walk by, you ask what is wrong and if you can help. Soon this will be a giant community with plenty of servers, but, you have to remember this is a community.  We fight together, We stand together, and We serve together! WE DONT CARE IF WE ARE OUTNUMBERED! We fight for club penguin and that is all that matters! There is always a choice, a wrong choice and a right choice, if you make the wrong choice you endangeer our community. How we act makes us a community and  when I retire I expect this to still be a community! REMEMBER that this is a community and NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will stand in our way when we are fighting for freedom.  How many armies do you know act like a community and are a community? Remember to ALWAYS go above and beyond the call of duty.


OK as you have noticed today is black friday and yesturday was thanksgiving. I was not able to be there yesturday because I was cooking. Anyways since more holidays are coming up I am taking suggestions for something special that we can all share. It can be anything from a party to a play, the top 3 will be voted on, wich ever one wins then that is what we will do, if we cannot do that then the runner up suggestion will be taken into course.


Ok Everyone, I added a medal system. Specific directions on how to get a medal is on the pages list, just click on the medals on the list. I hope this will encourage everyone to stay active, work hard, and help make GACP one of the best armies in club penguin.

Active Count

You have 2 days to reply to this or you will have to be taken to court.