The battle of club penguin

    Chapter 1

  It was one of those mornings that just isn’t rite…a sense of un-satisfacation beyond the moment of battle. One of those mornings that have affect on your whole day and maybe the next day after that. BAM! BAM! “AHHHHHH!!!!!” I said alarmed at the gunfire. Only was I to discover an ACP soldier firing in the air signalling to go to the cafiteria. Almost instantly everyone was out of bed running tword the cafiteria like they were panicing the world would end, only to find out that today was the day, a very long day were not every one was going to come back from the gruling battle for club penguin known as the Battle of club penguin. “TODAY IS THE DAY WE GO OUT AND FIGHT!!!” Batin started out, ” Not everyone will make it out alive, it will be a gruling battle wich we will embark on a journey and fight for club penguin. Your squads commander will give you the filling in part of it and I will tell you if we need to fall back or not and if you dont fall back when I tell you, You will most likely be killed. That should be obvious to all of you with brains. You have an hour to prepare so get going soldiers and fight like you have not tommorow, NOW LETS MOVE IT SOLDIERS!!! LETS GO!!!LETS GO!!!!” Everyone rushed out of the cafiteria and started to their rooms and started getting ready, Putting on their bullet proof vests, loading their guns, this was something of wich was their routine before battle, almost as if they were programmed. For some penguins this would be their first battle, and last. For some penguins they will be eager to shoot off the heads of nachos and their allies. One penguin was surprised at this and that penguin was the noob of his squad. Lets just say he would be doing the easy things. Me, well I would love to hear the sound of me setting off c-4… I always did. ” Hey batin, maybe we can set off some c4 and we can get lucky with the penguins surprised faces-” Batin stopped me there. “No time for chit chat this battle is going to be a gruling battle and I dont even know if I will see you again so lets just hope our heads are not blown off  like those nachos.” ” Bluey, did you make sure to fuel the jeeps? I said.”Ya” Bluey replied.”Did you put the ammo and extra guns in all the trunks?” “Yes” Bluey said automatically. “OK It has been an hour so lets move to the jeeps and we will be on our way. We are going to Northern Lights and starting at town, we have all the civilians cleared to bunkers. EVERYONE MAKE ME PROUD!!! NOW LETS MOVE!!!’ Ktman shouted. ” Were is boomer going to be?” I asked. “He is going to be at southern lights with the rest of the ACP.” Boomer said looking at me from behind. I turned around and there he was. Standing with his gun loaded and a belt loaded with bombs. I carried my flame thrower as usual with some bombs, a pocket knife, and a rifle. We started running for the jeeps in the extremely large garage sort room and I drove my squad to the beach.

Chapter 2

 Rite as we got into possision the first shot was fired from a nacho, he missed me by an inch, I took him out with my rifle and some other penguins as well. Bluey set up his machine gun and started firing killing 22 nachos and injuring 10 other nachos. Batin and his squad while this was happening and I could hear the gunfire from Batin’s machine gun and nachos dying. He was always the sharp shooter. My squad was just about to reach ski hill when a nacho shot my leg. I quickly got to cover and called for a medic. I knifed a couple of nachos crawling on my way there. The medic got there 10 min after my call went out. He said that I will be fine and gave me a shot to ensure that I did not die from the medal there. He bandaged me up and gave me another shot so that I could not feel the pain. 5 min later I could not feel my injury at all and went running and shooting nachos. After the last of them were gone, I went up the ski hill, and borrowed a sniping gun to see any other nachos that were there and any other snipers. I took out the guard at the tower and two snipers. The cost was clear and we proceeded to the docks to help out Batin. “Bluey, Batin just called on his radio and said he needed back up. We need to send our squad and get to the docks now. I will need you to cover me because it will probably be heavy fire. I will set up some c4 I packed and warn every one in the ACP to take cover. Got that?” I said to him firmly. ” Ya. I can do that.”  Bluey said while we were going to the docks. Once we were there there was Tons of fire non-stop and like 60 nachos wich apparently called for back up themselves. I cursed under my breath then said” Guys I will set up some c4 so you guys take cover and kill any nachos that get in your way.” I said on the radio.” Once it was all clear and I set up the c4 I got behind cover and made the signal. I pushed the button and nachos went flying in the air. Once the smoke was clear I set up a machine gun and fired at the remaining nachos. “Good plan.”Batin said with a sigh of releif. “I had all of this c4 in my back pack and did not know what to do with it.” I said with a smug smile on my face with some ash too. ” I think I should check up on ktman since our main objective is clear.” ” I think that would be good too.” Bluey said. “Ktman are you doing ok there?” I asked. There was no answer on the radio and then I knew something was wrong. In 5 min we were at the snow forts were ktman’s squad was. I found Ktman on the floor in a pool of blood. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! KTMAN WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!!! CMON MAN YOU CANT DIE ON ME NOW!!! CMON WAKE UP!!! Bluey screamed. Ktman struggled to open his eyes and his last words were”Bluey finish the job along with the rest of the squad….” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! DONT DIE! DONT DIE! DONT DIE!” I was in shock I did not say anything untill bluey screamed in my ear” HOW COULD WE HAVE LET THIS HAPPEN!!!” “It was not our fault, It was the nachos fault. ” I cursed under my breath but bluey heard me…he knew I was telling the truth. “Boomer we have a man down. It is Ktman, he is….dead….” I could here a huge WHAT!!! from boomer but then he said”Just finish the mission….” We started tword the plazza were we heard a big BAM! “God, I hate war but the only reason I am doing this is for club penguin.” I whispered. I happened to hear the tanks of the Acp so I got in the turrets and started firing like there was no tomorrow at the nachos and bluey was in the jeep running over the nachos. I could tell he like it. ” THIS IS FOR KTMAN” and bluey shot the soldier undearneath his belt, this was the soldier who killed Ktman. I could tell bluey wanted him to suffer before he died then he shot him in the heart and started punching him. I could see something of regreat. “Bluey are you ok?” Batin asked him. “Now I am, I have avenged Ktman…” “Revenge is something so powerful, It is like a black whole, depending on how severe the trauma was is how great the force is. It wont let you go…” I said. After all the nachos were gone at the forrest we had a moment of silence for all the acp soldiers who had died and the moment of silense for Ktman was the hardest for all of us….I said a few words for Ktman”Ktman was a brave and dangerous soldier a well remembered one too. He was the friends of many on this squad and an important person in the ACP. Bluey, You are the one to take over for Ktman…” Bluey said nothing. ” We should better get to the cove to see if everything is going smoothly there.” Another ACP squad was already there and took out all of the nachos. ” We should get going to the dojo I presume then.” Bluey said in a low voice. I could tell he meant buisness.

chapter 3

  Just incase I threw a bomb inside the dojo and I saw nachos flying out of the roof. I got out my flame thrower and had bluey come in with his with me and the rest of the squad stayed outside for safety issues. We burned all of the nachos and they all went running out and they all burned to a crisp. Next we went and blew a whole in the dojo to make the ninja hide out and the dojo one big room. We burned all the penguins there too. Unfortunatly there was a sniper and shot me in the sholder. “WE NEED A MEDIC HERE MEGIPOO WAS SHOT!” The medic rushed to the rescue and put the same two injections from my previous wound. He stopped the bleading and in 5 min I was fine again. I thanked bluey and the squad headed out to check point witch was the iceberg were we would all meet up. ” Batin we burned all the nachos in that dojos and I got shot in the shoulder but I am fine now.” I said to him. “You took your shots?” He said back. “Ya” I replied. “Now we wait for the helicopter to land and pick us up and dropp us off at southern lights and check in with boomer. We then proceed to Rainbow and take out all the nachos there. Once we are done with that the whole army will regroup and go back to base. Any questions? No. Good. Get all your weapons and get ready for the next battle. We are doing great so far.” The helicopter arrived and we all got in, it was a 2 hour ride from northern lights to southern lights and it seemed that boomer got everything under control and no nachos were in site. We decided to hover all over the island and shooting from the air and throwing bombs from the air. It was quite fun. “This is more fun than land based operations huh megi?” Batin said in his loud voice. “Oh yeah, way better.” I said even louder. I always had some what of a loud voice. We landed and got boomers half of the ACP in the helicopters, yes helicopters and began our trip to rainbow. This time it was a shorter ride, about 30 min and we came with hundreds of penguins. We decided since it was easier to shoot from the air. I shot 55 nachos. Bluey shot 62 nachos. Batin shot 60 penguins. All of the sudden we saw a gernade in the helicopter and it blew us out of the helicopter killing 35 penguins and injuring 20 penguins. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” we all screamed in terror.We were all wearing parashoots just to be prepared and bluey landed in an awquard position that I could not even begin to describe. I landed with my leg broken from the bomb. This time I had to deal with the pain and limp because the medic died in the crash. Boomer’s helicopter crashed but less people were killed and they were lower ranking. “This is not exactly how I planned and now we have no way of returning. There was only 5 radios on that helicopter and none of them survived… Well the crash killed the remaining nachos on this island. Just incase I will send a squad out to patrol the island. We will make camp at the cove and wait for another helicopter because boomer found a radio that works. He will try calling for help.” I said to everyone. We walked to the cove and shot a few nachos on the way, my leg still being badly injured and loosing blood I had to find something quick to use as a cast.”Hey megi I heard of the Native penguins using mud as casts, they just put the mud around the wound and dry it up. You can make a cast like that I suppose.” Batin said to me. “Good thinking” I said to him happilly. I found some mud, put it around my leg and made it dry with the fire I made. “It actually feels comfortable.” I said to Batin. “So do you have any idea when the helicopter is coming boomer?” “I got a signal and they said their helicopters are currently on a mission and wont be back until tommorow. They also said they would bring the first helicopter that comes there directly to were we are. The problem is that not all of us will fit and they only have 1 helicopter. So unless we can find a boat one half of us will be stuck here until the helicopter comes back.”Boomer said. “That is just great. Oh well we have to make the best out of this.” Bluey said. “I am going to the beach…I have a lot on my mind….” I said to boomer and the rest of them. ” Can I come too? ” Bluey said “Sure…” I said with hesitation. As I stood at the beach I thought I saw a boat, but then I said to myself it must be my imagination. “Do you see RH’s ship or is it my imagination?” I said to Bluey confused. “I see it too!!!! I have a flare I can send it up!!!” “You do that I will get my flame thrower and flare it into the sky, back up a little so that I dont hurt you.” RH arrived soon and we made a deal to take the ACP back to breeze. “Bluey go get the rest!” Bluey ran and ran and ran and soon he reached the ACP. “Guys RH Is going to pick us up and boomer can radio the helicopter people to say it is ok!!!” Bluey said with excitement. “Really?!?!?!” Batin shouted. Soon a stampeed of ACP Soldiers were running to RH’s ship and aboard the migrator and sailing to breeze. We all ate and drank and celebrated about the victory. I went over to bluey and started talking. Batin joined in.”You know Ktman would have loved this party. ”  Bluey said with a sad voice. “Let us take a moment of silence for the fallen….” I said in such a loud voice that everyone did as I said. Soon we were home at breeze and everyone was welcoming us with warm hearts. We soon went to the base and went to sleep and we over slept.=) Boomer did not mind because he overslept himself and they woke up at 9:00A.M. to the noise of sirens……”I knew that they would be back….” bluey said.

Chapter 4

  We all got our guns got on our bullet proof vests and went outside were the gunfire started from the nachos. I threw 10 grenades before I started for my c4. “Bluey cover me!” I yelled over the gunfire. I set up the c4 all around the base -20 yards away, I told everyone to take cover and when that was done I took cover and exploded most of the nachos. “Batin set up your machine gun!” Batin started firing like crazy at the remaining nachos. Since there was a couple left I decided to get my flame thrower out and flamed all of the rest of the nachos. After that I sniped every last one of them. “No one messes witht he ACP!” I said with furry. I sent a squad to search the perimeter.  It was all clear. Only a few penguins injured. No kills. “They just wont quit.” I said. All of the sudden a ACP soldier was shot in the chest by a parashooting penguin and many more nachos came from above. The smoke from all the gernades had not cleared up and it made me think of something. I threw a smoke gernade that reaches 2oo ft in the air and spreads 500 yards away from the site. “EVERYONE TAKE COVER AND SHOOT AT THE SHADOWS IN THE SKY!!!” I said as loudly as I could. With this plan the nachos could not see and we could see shadows in the sky because of the light in the sky. It was so brilliant that all the nachos got killed within 10 min. Finnally the last bullet was fired so I set up my machine gun and fired into the air with some nachos falling toword the ground still. Finnally the smoke cleared up and we went back to base, searched the premiter for nachos then went back to our rooms. A few hours later on the intercom boomer anounced” Megipoo7, bluey, and batin please come to the briefing room for an private anouncement. Bring your guns just incase nachos come and attempt to invade again. That will be all” We went the breifing room and found a nacho prisoner and pointed our guns at him thinking he was a stupid nacho that was attempting to kill us all in the meeting.”Put your guns down, we will be questioning him then sending him to the prison. After that we will discuss something of importance. After thoroughly questioning the nacho we figured out that the nachos were making a new base in mammoth. “Now that we found that out we will be talking about an invasion. We will be invading mammoth and destroying their base and taking all the nachos out of club penguin for good.” Boomer began. ” We will split our squadrons in half so we would have every squad at one place or another and one squad will be patrolling all of the diffrent servers. Megipoo make sure too back a lot of c4, Batin get all the amo ready and gernades and stuff like that, and bluey, you will be leading the tanks. Bluey’s squad will get 4 places since he has tanks.” ” I heard that nachos have zeplins now, if you dont know zeplins are like blimps but with diffrences. They added turrets to them and they are invisible so that is a real threat to us” Batin said. “I have that under control, We are going to assign squads with fighter planes that have heat seeking misiles, all of the citizens are in a bunker durring this or just sent to a diffrent server. We have it so it is locked on only nachos. ” Boomer said satisfied.” It will be my squad that will be going with the fighter planes and our fighter planes are made of a type of medal that is indistructable, we just finished the planes and armor that you will be wearing yesturday to gaurentee no deaths, even if you were sitting on a bomb like c4, you would not even have a scratch.The invasion will be tommorow morning and you have the last hour of sleep you usually have to get ready.” Boomer said with confidence and a little smug smile. If you dont want to waste your sleep then I suggest you get ready now and have a full nights sleep. Any questions?” ” Were is our regrouping spot going to be?” asked bluey.” Good question, that would be at the ski hill.” Boomer added. ” Meeting is now over, you can now go rest or get ready.” I walked to the garage type room and started fueling all of the jeeps, one thing boomer also said was that he was going to mention all the important stuff to the other soldiers tonight.  Now I started loading all of the jeeps with amo and guns. After I was done with that I headed to my room and sat down, I started cleaning my guns. After that I loaded all my guns. These were all the usual things I did to prepare for battle. Then there was something on my desk that I did not notice before.  It was my armor that boomer said we had to put on. I put it on to see how it felt and it felt a little heavier than normal armor but I did not mind. I took it off and lied down. ” I just hope this new armor will work….” I said to myself before going up. *Knock *Knock It was bluey knocking and I opened the door. ” Boomer said that I had to knock on each and every door to tell everyone to go to the cafiteria.” he said. ” I feel bad for you.” I chuckled. I walked to the cafeteria and sat down. Everyone was wondering what boomer wanted to say. It was almost as if boomer were leading them into a trap was how mysterious this was. Atleast to everyone else.

Chapter 5

  “Everyone I am sure you are wondering why you are here at such a late hour of night and that is, well is really confusing. Well we are going to invade mammoth tommorow. We are splitting our sqadrons in half and The leader and Co-Leader will tell you wich half you are in. That will ensure that there will be a squad that has atleast one place. Bluey’s squad is leading the tanks so he gets four places.” Boomer said first” When we all regroup we will meet at the SKI HILL NOT ICEBERG. You will be getting special new armor  that is indistructable and if you sat on a bomb you wont get a single scratch. My squad are going to be in the fighter planes that are made of the same material as your armor. It has heat seeking misiles because their zeplins and planes are invisible. Any questions? No? Good. You have an hour to get ready now GO!” He ended. We ran and I went to my room and I went back to sleep because I did not need to do anything. I woke up 10 min before everyone headed to the jeeps and planes. I put on my armor and headed to the garage. We all got in a jeep and drove to the town. I started shooting at the stupid nachos and had a plan. “Bluey cover me!” I yelled. I ran and set c4 everywere around the nachos. I told everyone to take cover and they did. I set off the c4 and nachos went flying everywere. I set up my machine gun and started firing at the remaining nachos. We went into the coffee shop and we threw a few gernades before entering. Nacho bodies everywere. I got behind cover and set up my machine gun again and started firing at the nachos. ” Megipoo, Watch out!” I rolled away just before a nacho stabbed me in the back. I got up and got out my pocket knife, I grabbed the nacho from behind and slit his throught. Now I was in hand to hand combat and hitting the nachos up the stairs to the book room and sent them rolling down the stairs on a splintery cactus that bluey set up. I got behind cover and threw a few gernades and started fist fighting again. Once every nacho there was dead I sat down because of exhaustion. I drank some water and moved on to the night club. Again throwing gernades and soon I was done with the night club. I went to the gift shop and destroyed all the nachos there. Soon we were done with the town and needed to radio everyone to check in with them. ” Boomer we are done with our main objective. Are you OK in the air?” I questioned him. ” Ya I see a few more targets on my radar so let me finish this ok?” He replied back. Next I called batin’s radio and he answered the second I called.” Hey Megipoo these nachos lost their game and I whipped them within 30 min.” I replied back saying ” We had more nachos here and we beat them within 25 min. Ha!” We both laughed and said that we will me eachothers squad at the mountain. Our squads started twords the mountain and we soon all met there. We saw boomers squad land and so we waited for the helicopter. I radioed the squad on patrol. ” How is it going?” ” We are done with patrolling and no nachos were there.” He responded. “Great news” I said with enthusiasm. “Great news everyone the patrol squads said that the nachos are no were in sight! They are not on one single server. So we defeated the Nachos!!!” Everyone was shouting with tears of joy from the years at war. I threw my flame thrower up and blasted it being so excited. Evidently that killed the last zeplin and the zeplin landed at the nacho base and all the nachos either died or surrendered. Everyone was shouting WOOHOO! AND YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! and all that crazy stuff. Soon we were on the helicopter and heading home to breeze. When everyone saw us they cheered us on and we all were tired and went back to base. Soon was there a victory party and everyone was excited for the party. I went to sleep and had wonderfull dreams of the party.

Chapter 6

  The party was at 3:00 PM and I all of us were dancing and eating sweets and boomer said that some of us will be awarded with the medal of honor. “Bluey, Ktman is proud of us… you should celebrate not just sit and drink whiskey and not enjoy it.” I said to him. ” I know but he was a special person and one of my best friends. He could sniper your hat off from a diffrent server and he did that on occasion to me to tell me that he was doing fine…. If he were here we would be playing beer pong and drinking to old times….Now there is no chance of that ever happening again.” He said with a said face. ” Ktman would have wanted you to enjoy this day and do all of those things without him and celebrate him too!!!” I said to him trying to chear him up. Batin came here and saw bluey’s face. “Man, chear up, today is a war free day for once and we won. That is one of the best things to celebrate man! Ktman would want you to get onto the dance floor and start break dancing.” “Thanks guys, I will try my best.” After that Boomer anounced on the intercom ” These soldiers come up: Batin, Bluey, Megipoo7, Kat, and Icey.” We walked up and we stoud proudly together as a team. ” These soldiers have risked their lives to save club penguin from the nachos. These penguins have lost friends and still went on. These soldiers are brave young soldiers who’ve done so much for club penguin. We know the battle that won the war to be known as the battle of club penguin. Were we have once again, saved club penguin from its own. These soldiers will now get the medal of honor.” He walked over to every single penguin and awarded and pinned the medal of honor on our shirts, when boomer came to me, he said there are still some things coming for you and you can count on that. I smiled and he went on and pinned the medal of honor on the rest of the penguins. ” Now I boomer, will award Megipoo7, Batin, and Bluey the purple heart badge for being wounded physically and emotionally. Now I will award only one penguin the injured but honored penguin, this medal was made by the ACP and you get it for having multiple wounds and still going on and killing the most nachos in this case.” Boomer pinned the medal on my vest and We all saluted him and then waited for the next thing. “Now a moment of silense for the fallen, I will now state the names of the fallen: Ktman, peguin, gandorf, bone,pigger, anakin, sonic,sarun,arun,croniccrazy,and blastfromthepast. May they be remembered forever.” Boomer ended in a low voice. The party ended and people congradulated me while I was still limping with a proper cast on now. Bluey remembered Ktman forever and he never forgot what had happened in the war and especially in the Battle of club penguin. Megipoo7/me moved on to 3rd in command of the ACP and soon created the GACP. Batin continued in the ACP for a few years then retired as 2nd in command of the ACP.

The End


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